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Hatchet (Blu-ray Review)

“Mr. Crowley (beat), what went down in your head?  Mr. Crowley (beat), did you talk to the dead?”  Um, so why do I have the sudden urge to belt the lyrics out to Ozzy Osbourne’s Blizzard of Oz masterpiece, “Mr. Crowley?”  Oh, wait a minute!  I know.  It may just have something to do with […]


‘Avatar’ in 3D Stunning, But Tedious

Finally the release date for Avatar arrived.  The street lamp-hung signs at July’s Comic-Con now fulfilled their advertising destiny.  The autumn-released teaser trailers and strategically placed glimpses were no longer needed as the real deal had landed.  Rumors had swirled for months as to how much the film cost.  Some said it was the first […]