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Richard Jewell Is Bare Bones Reporting (Movie Review)

Clint Eastwood’s latest film to tackle a hero who was unfairly scrutinized in the public eye is, for better or worse, exactly what you think it is. The story of a would-be lawman whose instincts to be overly cautious led to the discovery of a bomb that could have killed hundreds at a music fest […]


Mad Men Season Four (Blu-ray Review)

For those of you that haven’t seen the show, Mad Men focuses on the lives of New York advertising men and women.  Set in the turbulent 60s, these men and women navigate the burgeoning new world changing around them and everything that comes with it.  The show has won multiple awards, including thirteen Emmys and four Golden […]


AMC’s ‘Mad Men’ Return to Blu-ray This March!

I have to be brutally honest about something.  In the past I never really paid too much attention to the cable network station AMC.  But after experiencing The Walking Dead I have a whole new appreciation for the channel and needless to say, they got my full undivided attention.  So now that I have yours […]