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AFI Fest 2016: Miss Sloane (Movie Review)

Miss Sloane is the kind of film that can be championed, but called into question at the same time. On the whole, the film is a well-acted political drama that leans heavy on some pulp qualities. The film does away with overt statements arguing for specific causes, with the exception of calling out accountability and […]


The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (Blu-ray Review)

So it seems like this past summer had a lot of people heading to the art house theaters to see either Moonrise Kingdom or The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, if not both, which mostly resulted in major praise for either one.  I had never got around to seeing the latter and it was because I […]


Madden NFL 12 (PS3 Game Review)

When I thought about Madden this year I thought wow this is going to be the same old dog and probably no new tricks.  To be honest the only reason I even thought about purchasing this installment was because I love Cleveland and our hard working running back, Peyton Hillis, got the fans vote to […]