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The Harvest (Blu-ray Review)

In his first film in nearly 15 years, the director of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer harks back to the twisted suspense that made his 1986 debut a horror milestone with The Harvest . Deeply unsettling, The Harvest is a taut psychological thriller that examines that horrors that can lurk in unsuspecting places.   Showcasing a powerhouse performance by […]


Ashley Judd & Luke Perry Get It On In ‘Normal Life’ (Movie Review)

The calendar year of 1996 saw a lot of big feature names get released such as Independence Day, Fargo, Trainspotting, Jerry Maguire, The Rock, Scream, From Dusk till Dawn, Twister, The English Patient, Primal Fear and many more, but perhaps none more transcending for two young actors than the movie we are gathered here to […]