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Annabelle (Blu-ray Review)

Annabelle has the success of 2013’s supernatural thriller The Conjuring to thank for its mere existence on our planet.  If you take away nothing else from this Blu-ray review, make sure you please engrave that in your memory banks, the non-volatile ones.  Annabelle was an evil possessed doll (think Chucky-like) whose first appearance was also […]


Annabelle Creeps On The Blu-ray Format January 20th

This January it’s time to face your absolute worst fears when Annabelle haunts the Blu-ray format in a Combo Pack from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment.  I don’t know about you but the only thing I’m scare about next year is seeing the Broncos get blown out again, but I digress.  The Blu-ray and Digital Download […]


‘Annabelle’ And Her Pasadena Dream House (Movie Review)

Annabelle is the cinematic equivalent of, “who cares,” which I was tempted to write as the lone words to describe my thoughts on the film.  There is nothing offensively bad about this film, but there is really just nothing here.  With very few original ideas and the amount of story that could be seen as […]