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Under The Skin (Blu-ray Review)

So going into this Blu-ray review of Under The Skin I knew the following four pieces of intelligence: Scarlett Johansson is an alien, she gets naked in this, the film’s a little out there with its wild imagery and my peers here at Why So Blu absolutely love it.  Armed with that knowledge how bad can this really […]


‘Under The Skin’ of Scarlett Johansson To Spin on Blu-ray This July!

Can this day get any better?!  Not only am I off from my day job today (first time since last November), one of my best friends is coming into town, Aaron Neuwirth’s birthday bonanza is today, I finally got antibiotics after suffering for six weeks (I found out I’m seriously allergic to Austin and the […]


The Mysterious ‘Under The Skin’ Gets A New Trailer And Poster

I generally save the trailer posts for more high profile films, but Under The Skin seems very intriguing to me.  The film first caught my attention during its run at various film festivals last year, where I kept hearing about the film and its lead performance from Scarlett Johansson.  Some comparisons to Kubrick were being […]