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‘Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte’ (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format (Blu-ray & DVD) edition – January 2019!

Charlotte Hollis (Bette Davis) has been closeted in her mansion since the grisly murder of her married lover many years earlier. When the county wants to tear down the house to build a highway, the spinster s relatives and friends appear to rally behind her, but each slowly preys on her mind until the gruesome […]


Brandon’s Best Blu-rays Of 2015 Across The Globe!

The Why So Blu top Blu-rays of 2015 wheel has spun and landed on me.  Once again, I’m honored to close this out and go last.  2015 was a game-changer year for me with Blu-ray personally.  For years, my colleague Gerard has been nagging at me to get a region-free player.  I would complain about […]


The Vincent Price Collection (Blu-ray Review)

Horror icon Vincent Price has finally had the arrow of the magical Blu-ray wheel land on his name this year.  Just recently his classics House of Wax and The Fly have been brought to the format.  Now, masters of horror Blu-ray, Scream Factory have gotten their mits on 6 of his classic works.  Four of […]