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Jackie Chan, Jim Jarmusch & More Coming to The Criterion Collection in April 2019

This April, Jackie Chan smashes into the Criterion Collection through a plate-glass window with a double-bill edition of his action-comedy classics Police Story and Police Story 2, newly restored in 4K. Andy Griffith plays a boisterous folk hero turned TV demagogue in Elia Kazan’s eerily prescient satire A Face in the Crowd, appearing on Blu-ray for the first time. Jan Němec’s […]


To Rome With Love Movie Review – Just Seen It

Four Tales of love and life unfold in the eternal city of Rome. An American architect relives his youth while an average Roman finds himself a sudden celebrity. But as a young couple falls into separate romances, an opera director tries to put a singing mortician on stage. This Wwody Allen comedy stars Woody Allen, […]


Woody Allen Meanders ‘To Rome’

It is kind of fun to reference To Rome with Love as “this year’s Woody Allen film”.  Allen seemingly works non-stop, releasing new films on a near yearly basis and has a pretty strong batting average overall that most other filmmakers would kill to have.  Especially given his creative freedom, Allen has enjoyed plenty of […]