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Toy Story 4 (4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray Review)

Woody, Buzz, Jesse and the rest of Bonnie’s toys are back and ready to reacquaint with old friend Bo Peep and find help from newbie daredevil Duke Kaboom! Toy Story made its fourth outing in cinemas a big deal, cracking the billion-dollar mark worldwide. Surprisingly, just usurping Aladdin but still falling well behind The Lion […]


Ralph Breaks The Internet (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Disney animation’s new animation hot streak may be more notable for the Frozen phenomenon, but it did start the year prior with the very popular and profitable Wreck It Ralph. And before we start sequelizing the recent run and getting the (sure to be HUMONGOUS) Frozen 2, Ralph gets his second turn at bat. And […]


Nebraska (Blu-ray Review)

Alexander Payne’s Nebraska had been making the rounds in 2013 winning many accolades based on the performance of long time acting veteran Bruce Dern.  Come time for the Academy Awards’ picks for the best of 2013, Nebraska proved even moreso winning nominations for Best Picture, Best Actor (Bruce Dern), Best Actress (June Squibb), Best Director […]


Take A Trip To ‘Nebraska’ on Blu-ray This February!

Well, it’s Award season!  And it’s also the time when I eat all my words and see films that I said I wanted no part of the year before, mainly because curiosity gets the best of me.  I guess the same can be said with this title in question here, Nebraska, which will be available on […]


Alexander Payne Lets You Settle In And Observe ‘Nebraska’ (Movie Review)

Something I have picked up on lately is how making something look easy on film has been becoming the mark of some very talented filmmakers.  It is one thing to get very flashy with the camera and set up elaborate shots, but it is another to make people and human conversations look natural.  Improvisation is […]