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Ghostbusters: Answer The Call (4K UHD, 3D & Blu-ray Review)

Back in the days I used to fashion myself as a pretty big Ghostbusters fan.  I lost count how many times I seen the original back in the 80’s, but I can honestly attest to only seeing the second film once.  We all know how bad that film is so I won’t even go there.  Needless to […]


‘The Heat’ Emits A Low Flame (Movie Review)

This is the story of a by-the-book FBI agent teaming up with a sloppy, but dedicated Boston Police detective to take down some bad guys.  They are mismatched and hate each other at first, but will have to learn to get along if they want to prove themselves to the other officers and agents.  The […]


Don’t Get Burned By ‘The Heat’ (Movie Review)

Make no mistake, I’m solely doing this review for my girlfriend.  Am I not a nice guy or what?  After seeing Melissa McCarthy in this year’s Identity Thief I absolutely wanted nothing to do with her ever again.  I grew so tired and disgusted hearing her cuss and drop endless F-bombs for absolutely no reason […]