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Encapsulated Movie Reviews – Five New Indie Titles

I’m taking a pause in between a gaggle of end of year ‘must sees’ (whew!) to pick off five more indie films that may provide some cinematic satisfaction.  (Or may not!)  Grim tales of horror, dramatic stories of second chances, criminal activities, almighty homicide and gun battles done in a noble fashion – what a group!  Check […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist – October 24, 2014

The month-long horror wishlist continues with the Sawyers! . . . . .


Halloween: The Complete Collection – 10 Disc Edition (Blu-ray Review)

What seems to be little known is that there were actually two versions of Halloween: The Complete Collection back on September 23rd.  Most every bit of press and excitement wen toward the Deluxe Limited Edition that came with 15 discs.  And rightfully so.  There was another, more basic edition, released as well.  That one is […]


Death Spa – Unrated (Blu-ray Review)

Take note, Yahoo.  Death Spa (known in other countries as Witch Bitch – no joke!) IS exactly what a cult film is.  This little exploitation horror film came and went back in 1989, went to video and sort disappeared.  MPI has brought it to both Blu-ray and DVD in the US in this new special […]


MPI’s Gorgon Video Brings DEATH SPA To Blu-ray!

Let’s see…possessed spa…totally 80s fashion…campy horror…Ken Foree?  I’m down!  MPI will be bringing DEATH SPA to Blu-ray courtesy of their Gorgon Video label.  I’ve never seen this, but after watching the trailer and checking out the groovy cover art, how could I not want to?  So, summer season is kicking off and we will have […]


The Lords Of Salem (Blu-ray Review)

“Woah, didn’t this come out like two months ago?” says the ever so faithful Why So Blu? hardcore reader.  Yes, yes it did.  But, we actually didn’t acquire it for review until just this past week.  So, it’s new to us!  Rob Zombie’s Lords Of Salem was a film with an ever so soft release […]