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‘Unfinished Business’ Had Lots Of Unfinished Jokes (Movie Review)

I like Vince Vaughn and have tried to support his efforts over the years, but what are we doing here?  At some point in the scripting of this film about three men going on a business trip to Germany, the creative decision was to have a character named Mike Pancake, because silly last names equal […]


‘Unfinished Business’ Rides Coach (Movie Review)

Make no mistake about it, I’m here discussing Unfinished Business today because of Vince Vaughn.  I love just about every comedic role the guy’s ever been in and no way was I staying home and missing this press screening despite the complete opposite of balmy, icy and blistery temperatures we’re suffering through in Austin, TX (I am […]


The ‘Delivery Man’ Has A Large Offer For You To Swallow (Movie Review)

There is a certain kind of logic I am intrigued by when a studio decides that a big family dramedy that is to be released on Thanksgiving should be based around a sperm donation gone disastrously wrong.  That’s what happened and Delivery Man is unfortunately not better than the premise suggests it could be.  It […]