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The Departed (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

The Departed was a surprise gift to film lovers in 2006. Martin Scorsese mixed one part Infernal Affairs remake and one part loosely true story of The Winter Hill Gang of Boston, the many twists and turns of the film took many of us by surprise. As Goodfellas and Casino did before them, this crime […]


Life Of Crime (Blu-ray Review)

Life Of Crime interested me because it features characters from Jackie Brown.  On any given day, Jackie Brown is either my absolute favorite Quentin Tarantino film or at the very least Top 3.  Life Of Crime takes place with Ordell, Louis, Melanie and brief appearance from Ray in the year 1978.  This was a festival […]


NBFF Review: Supporting Characters

Tuesday night, May 1, 2012, at the Newport Beach Film Festival proved to be a pretty entertaining one.  I managed to see a couple films, which were both very enjoyable.  The first was Supporting Characters, a film about two young film editors in New York, who are in the middle of working on a film […]