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‘Haunting’ Comic Series Launches on Kickstarter

New entertainment is certainly hard to come by these days, no thanks to the global pandemic we are all carefully navigating through. Film projects came to a screeching halt weeks ago, movie releases are delayed, TV shows are on repeat, and Diamond Comic Distributors, the largest distributor of comic books in North America, has ceased […]


Friday the 13th – (PS4 Game Review)

In 1989, video game publisher LJN released the one and only Friday the 13th game for the NES. Based on the hit horror film franchise, you played as one of the Camp Crystal Lake counselors and made your way around the dreaded summer vacation spot to rescue children, kill zombies and ultimately face the man […]


‘Power of Grayskull’ He-Man Documentary Uses Kickstarter as Launchpad

I remember it like it was only a few years ago. It was 1982 and for my fifth birthday I received the Masters of the Universe figure that I was hoping for; Stratos. The jetpack-strapped, goggle-wearing birdman delighted my little childhood mind like only a He-Man figure could, as he would enter the foray in the […]


The ‘Veronica Mars’ Some People Used To Know Is Back (Movie Review)

I guess if I had to consider my attachment to the original Veronica Mars series and how it came into play with the viewing of this film, I would say I was in a fairly decent position to review the film, without caving into the pressures of being a fan and alienating those unfamiliar with […]


Batman Documentary “Legends Of The Knight” Coming To SDCC

Here is something that I am happy to spread more knowledge of, as I have been following this project for some time.  I know I am not wrong in saying that we at Why So Blu are big Batman fans and look forward to future adventures involving him, let alone rewatching and possibly even rediscovering […]


Kickstarter: ‘The Little Book of Horrors’ by Paul Yoshida

This is the first, of what we hope to be more, postings featuring unique projects that we (the author of this post) think that you’d like to see via Kickstarter. Please keep in mind that Why So Blu is in no way affiliated with Kickstarter, we just love some of the projects that have been […]