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‘Lee Daniels’ The Butler’ Serves Some Great Material Along With Its Cheese (Movie Review)

The Butler is the kind of movie I would normally dread watching, were I be one to base everything I see off of movie trailers or just be a very cynical person in general.  Fortunately, I am not very cynical and am happy to give almost anything a chance.  Despite knowing that this would be […]


Aaron’s Top 10 Worst Films of 2012

This is not really a post of joy, but every year does see the release of films that are just not good.  I do not try to seek out these films, with the majority being ones that I did think could have redeemable elements, but that just wasn’t the case here.  This list contains what […]


‘The Paperboy’ Misses The Delivery

It seems like The Paperboy should have enough to make it an entertaining, trashy thriller.  It has all of the right ingredients, with several actors giving strong performances just for the sake of adding on to a film that does not even really need it.  Yet, the plot is shapeless and lacks anything that resembles […]