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Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Hot on the heels of the Mortal Kombat: Snow Blind film, Warner Bros. Animation wasted no time in releasing Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons, the latest addition to the DC animated library.  The 79-minute film takes place during the relatively currently comic series from DC where Bruce Wayne has fathered Damian Wayne […]


Superman: Red Son (4k Blu-ray Review)

In 2003, DC Comics did a total 180 with the world’s most popular superhero. The mega publisher released a three-issue mini-series titled Superman: Red Son. The Mark Millar-written tale (also known for his work on Kick-ass) could be construed as a “what if” in the sense that instead of Kal-El landing in Kansas after the […]