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Liz Madden Covers New Ground with ‘My Immortal Love’

The Irish singer with the harp-like voice is back with her latest album titled My Immortal Love, but this time, Liz Madden has taken her most recent musical effort in a different direction. Madden largely departs from the Irish folk and Celtic-inspired tunes to covering some of the more popular rock and pop tunes in […]


Shishonnah Brings Vocal, Instrumental Grace

With the vast array of music that’s out there, it’s often difficult to find something that sets itself apart from the incessant library of songs and tunes. One dilemma facing music today is originality…or lack thereof. So many tracks come across studio-heavy, burdened with a bad case of being over-produced. Such is not the case […]


Liz Madden’s ‘My Irish Home’ (CD Review)

Here at Why So Blu, we always like to point out great talent.  In late 2009, we featured an interview/article on Irish singer Liz Madden, whose travels have brought her over the pond from the Emerald Isle.  The woman behind the smooth-as-glass voice has released her latest work My Irish Home, now on available CD […]


Liz Madden is ‘Going Home’

If a harp had a voice, it would sound like Liz Madden.  With a sound that flows through the air like rose petals through a wind chime, the Irish-born singer has recently made her way to the United States to grace us with her talent.  Being inspired from a very young age by her parents, […]