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Rocktagon MMA Aims For, Achieves 5-Star Events

It’s hard to believe that it will almost be a year when Why So Blu covered its first mixed martial arts event. In that time, we’ve seen fight card after fight card of determined athletes pitted against each other amidst a backdrop of live music and an engrossed fanbase. While the people behind Rocktagon make […]


Rocktagon MMA + Gentile = Decisive Victory

The night of November 20th saw a fight card of twelve mixed martial art matches, pitting rookie against rookie as well as veteran against veteran.  While evening mastermind, Lorenzo Gentile (pronounced jen-tilly), moved about with a look of determination tending to administrative duties, a crowd of 3,000 began to amass in a relatively short time.  […]


Cage Stars & The Rise of MMA

If you told me that mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting was the fastest growing sport around, I’d be hard-pressed to disagree with you.  There is no denying the impression MMA has left on the public not just in the States, but around the world.  The competitors come from around the globe to match not only […]