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Children Of The Corn: Runaway (Blu-ray Review)

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the 10th film in the Children of the Corn franchise, Children of the Corn: Runaway. This one is the 9th in the ‘canon’ storyline as the television remake doesn’t count. This series with Stephen King roots hasn’t had a theatrically released entry since 1995’s barely in theaters Children of […]


Death Race 2050 (Blu-ray Review)

Death Race, the original, was made in 1975, considered a cult classic piece of B-grade genre filmmaking from the master of such, Roger Corman.  We went a whole 33 years with no sequels, TV spin-offs or remakes.  In 2008, the film was remade as is popular to do nowadays, but it spawned a straight-to-video surge […]