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American Psycho: Uncut Version (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Is it wrong to admit that when I sat down to write my very first screenplay American Psycho was a huge influence?  It’s true.  To this day I’m so mystified by the character of Patrick Bateman.  I find his motives, thoughts and crazy action undeniably intriguing.   The one universal truth remains that you’ll never […]


Interview: ‘Boarding School’ Mom Samantha Mathis Talks Character, Chemistry And A Career Of Proud Parts

In the arena of memorable female film characters that embody spirit, strength and sass, nobody plays them more truthfully than actress Samantha Mathis.  Hitting a homerun early on portraying the awesomely outspoken Nora Diniro, the bold teen who pushes a quiet Christian Slater out of his comfort zone in the 1990 hidden gem Pump Up […]