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Stage Fright (DVD Review)

To start off, this is a review of the 2014 film Stage Fright and not the 1987 horror film that will be releasing on Blu-ray from Blue Underground this fall.  When word first came to me about Stage Fright, I got pretty excited.  A slasher film done as a musical!  Oh hell yes.  Seems like […]


STAGE FRIGHT Sings And Dances And Stabs Its Way To Blu-ray July 8th!

Of course when I heard there was a slasher musical I jumped on top of it.  I’m looking forward to revisiting this one as I was sort of lukewarm on it the first time.  The film starts off on fire and is everything you were wanting to to be when you hear about a musical […]


‘Monsters’ The Complete Series on DVD March 18th!

Leave the lights on! The fan-favorite syndicated horror anthology series from executive producer Richard P. Rubinstein (Tales from the Darkside, Dawn of the Dead, Creepshow, Frank Herbert’s Dune, Children of Dune) that ran for three heart-stopping seasons on the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy) in the 1990s makes its chilling DVD debut on March 18th!