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I Spit On Your Grave – Limited Edition (Blu-ray Review)

Oddly, I Spit On Your Grave has gone from notorious cult horror film of the late 1970s to a full blown franchise film series in the last decade. It sat alone for 3 decades, but a 2010 remake wound up spawning 2 sequels. And then recently, the original director and star made a “true” sequel […]


I Spit on Your Grave 2 (Blu-ray Review)

When you talk about films that I would potentially do cartwheels over when I hear there are planned sequels for there aren’t too many outside of the Insidious, Star Wars and Fast & Furious franchises that get my motor running other than this little horror title…I Spit on Your Grave 2.  However, let’s be fair…the […]


I Spit On Your Grave – 1978 (Blu-ray Review)

WhySoBlu is proud to present the original I Spit On Your Grave. Consider this a double whammy of sorts since we’ve already brought you a great review of the 2010 remake by our very own Gregg Senko (read here).  I’ll go ahead and introduce the film just like it says on the box. “This woman […]


New Blu-ray Clips From I Spit On Your Grave!

I cannot wait for this movie to finally come out on Blu-ray.  February 8th can’t come quick enough!  I hate wasting my life away, but for I Spit On Your Grave (the original and remake)…oh what the hell.  The 2010 remake and the 1978 original cult classic will both make their way to Blu-ray the […]


I Spit On Your Blu-ray Grave…

Come on.  Tell me you do not want a perfect way to celebrate your Valentine’s Day next year?  Well if you do, then your in luck.  Here’s a film I have been dying to see, and coming this February 8th, I will be able to enjoy it on the Blu-ray format.  Of course, I’m talking […]