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Drive-Away Dolls (Blu-ray Review)

Drive-Away Dolls will always have the distinction of being the first film directed by A Coen Brother and not by THE Coen Brothers.  That alone is a big thing in itself, knowing what fans of film know about the famed duo.  They make all kinds of films, usually with a nice dose of humor, and […]


Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

As is every summer, Marvel kicks it off with its latest and greatest. 2017 saw the hotly anticipated to their surprise hit from a few years back, the (At the time) dice rolling Guardians of the Galaxy.  And of course the film was a big damn hit.  James Gunn has shown he really has a […]


The Night Before (Blu-ray Review)

Here’s the holiday comedy that could have been a nice counter to the normal fall blockbusters. The Night Before tries really hard to be something fun and different, yet fit for the crowd that loved This Is The End and Neighbors. To its credit, there are some good laughs to be had, but it feels […]


Bolt 3D / 2D (Blu-ray Review)

Prepare to enter a fantastic new dimension of family fun as Disney’s sensational animated comedy leaps off the screen and into your living room.  Just wait until Bolt springs into action in awe-inspiring Disney 3D!  Bolt is the star of the biggest show in Hollywood.  The only problem is, he thinks it’s real.  After he’s […]


I Made It Through Sex and the City 2 Unscathed!

Every once in awhile, being a reviewer means you have to see and sit through movies that you really have no interest in (to put it politely).  I accept that.  It comes with the territory and the job title.  Sure I may moan and groan about the film beforehand, but sometimes, just sometimes, you are […]