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As I Am: The Life and Time$ of DJ AM (Movie Review)

I was a little skeptical going into this film.  I got the distinct impression that this was just gonna be a documentary about some young white dude who got caught up in drugs and became famous by playing black music.  But what kept me glued to the screen was that I grew to understand that […]


‘Death Valley’ Makes MTV Debut

Last night MTV featured the premiere episode of the new horror-comedy Death Valley. Take a little True Blood, some of The Walking Dead and a pinch of Underworld, then mix it with a whole lot of Reno 911…Viola! A perfect formula for comedic success, right? No.


Jersey Shore: Season 3 Uncensored (DVD Review)

Ahh, the famed Jersey Shore. Easily one of the most popular reality TV shows of all time…and I had never watched an episode until this collection came across my desk. I’m well aware of its popularity and even know a few peeps who have an addiction to the show. So, how does this compare to […]


Jackass 3D Nears Putrid Perfection

MTV has a knack for releasing films that do not necessarily follow any one given path.  For instance, take their most successful film franchise; Jackass.  Johnny Knoxville and the boys have returned for a third and likely final go-around, but this time in 3D.  Aptly titled, Jackass 3D, Knoxville, Pontius, Weeman, Steve-O and the rest […]