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Southpaw (Blu-ray Review)

Southpaw is defined in the sport of boxing as the stance where the boxer has his right hand and right foot forward, leading with right jabs, and following with a left cross right hook.  Southpaw is the normal stance for a left-handed boxer.  Fictional boxer Rocky Balboa, for example, was a southpaw.  Therefore, I think you can pretty much conjure up that Jake Gyllenhaal’s […]


Southpaw Punches & Swings on Blu-ray This October

Hey Rocky fans!  Whoops!  I messed up.  Let me make this official.  Anchor Bay Entertainment and The Weinstein Company are pleased to announce the home entertainment release of Southpaw, a story about the ruin, but moreover redemption of a light heavyweight boxing champion who loses everything he loves in the face of tragedy. Academy Award Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal leads the […]


Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom (Blu-ray Review)

It is always very difficult to put together a biopic based on the story of individuals who were able to accomplish so much and live such large lives.  Steven Spielberg figured out a way to do it with his take on Abraham Lincoln, in Lincoln, as he focused on a very specific time frame.  Clint […]