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FLATLINERS Debuts on Digital December 12 and Blu-ray & DVD December 26

Academy Award® nominee Ellen Page (Best Actress, Juno, 2007), Diego Luna (Rogue One) and Nina Dobrev (“The Vampire Diaries”) star in the contemporary take on the 90’s fan favorite FLATLINERS, debuting on digital December 12 and on Blu-ray™ and DVD December 26 from Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. The supernatural thriller follows five medical students obsessed […]


‘Dead Man Down’ Brings Dour Revenge (Movie Review)

Here is another movie that displays the ever filmable tale of revenge and the complexities involved.  Dead Man Down brings forward an interesting challenge, as there are a lot of good things about it that I would like to recommend, even though I do not think the movie pulls through in the end.  Of course, […]


Dead Man Down Movie Review – Just Seen It

Watch us on National Public Television – check your local listing for show times! Aaron, Salim and guest reviewer Aaron Neuwirth review this new action thriller starring Colin Farrell. Bent on revenge, Victor infiltrates Alphonse’s crime ring. But when Beatrice sees him commit murder, she blackmails Victor. Together, they carry out their vendettas. WATCH US […]