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Gregg’s 2017 Game of the Year

With sales for PS4, Xbox One and PC titles running strong, the video game industry continues to do financial cartwheels year after year. And as technology progresses with such grand rapidity, fans of gaming demand more out of these titles with each passing year. The Madden football franchise continues to be a dollar bill powerhouse […]


Nintendo 3DS Revisited & Reviewed

I recently posted an article here on the site mentioning the release of Nintendo’s glasses-free 3D version of the handheld DS. I finally got my hands on a demo and after a few minutes on the small machine, the verdict is in…


Nintendo 3DS Arrives Tomorrow!

Nintendo and George Lucas have two things in common. Both are innovative and both will market something to death as long as customers keep flocking to the product. There’s good news and bad news with mentioning them.  The bad news is the rest of this article has nothing to do with George Lucas.  The good news is […]