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Pom Poko (Blu-ray Review)

Pom Poko is the seventh film from the animation house Studio Ghibli.  It is also their first film in the canon to use computer animation in the film.  I couldn’t tell you where exactly or how it was used, as its not very evident upon watching the movie as it all looks two dimensionally hand […]


The Wonder Years – The Complete Series (DVD Review)

Since the advent of television on DVD, one series has had a vocal push to get it out and available for purchase.  The Wonder Years, the 1960s/early 70s coming of age television show was beloved and still cherished to this day.  Many years went by and there were never any plans for it.  Then it […]


StarVista Entertainment/Time Life is About to Fill The World with Wonder with THE WONDER YEARS COMPLETE SERIES, Available Now for Pre-Order in Three Configurations!

Took long enough, eh?  Well, you’re finally getting your wish, THE WONDER YEARS is REALLY REALLY happening.  Shame its only on DVD though, but really, who can argue.  Its a television show from the 80s, so I think DVD will be fine enough to capture the quality.  And remember with getting this set right, it […]