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Behold HUFF’s Official Trailer!

It’s not everyday your website gets its name up in bright lights or in a kick a$$ trailer for the whole world to see.  So when that time happens you want to stand on the peak of the highest mountain and scream at the top of your lungs for all the masses around the world […]


Huff (2012): Rough Cut (Movie Review)

If you haven’t heard the buzz from when Huff was filming last year, get ready because now that the first rough cut has been made you are about to hear a lot more about this nursery rhyme favorite turned twisted thriller.  I was recently asked by Director Paul Morrell to stop by the editing bay […]


Filth To Ashes Flesh To Dust (Movie Review)

Hello boils and ghouls, it’s time for our movie review for a film that you may not have heard of until recently…and by recently I mean this last weekend.  It had the #39 rank in terms of box office receipts and an awesome $7,826 per theater average.  Did I mention it only opened on 11 […]