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‘Outriders’ Delivers Fun in a Familiar Shooter Setting (Video Game Review)

Polish developer People Can Fly toss their assault rifle on the looter-shooter pile with Outriders. A new franchise (fingers crossed) is always welcome in an industry with far too many sequels and spin-offs. Plenty of videogame series often get better with multiple installments. Still, it’s refreshing to watch an opening cutscene and create a character […]


‘The Medium’ Delivers Above Average Thrills (Video Game Review)

The survival horror genre receives a welcome new potential franchise with Blooper Team’s old school fixed camera third-person tale, The Medium. Fans of Resident Evil would be as silly as not using ink ribbons on Hardcore mode to not take this journey to a new place, with a new character, and best of all, a […]


Star Wars: The Old Republic (Beta Test Review)

The wait is nearly over.  On December 20th, PC gamers will finally be able to get their hands on an official copy of the latest MMO (massive multiplayer online) title to hit store shelves; Star Wars: The Old Republic.  A few weeks back, I had the opportunity of being selected as a beta tester.  This past […]