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Slam Bolt Scrappers (PSN Game Review)

I have owned a PlayStation 3 for a little over a year now and this has been my first experience with a game from the PlayStation Store.  As you all probably know, some games are heavily advertised on the home pages of Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network and thus give an excellent insight into […]


Tecmo Bowl Throwback for PS3

Few retired video game systems have the nostalgia and replay value as the original 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System.  The system spawned such titles as Super Mario Bros., Contra and the almighty gridiron classic, Tecmo Bowl.  The football classic later found life on the Super Nintendo in 1993 in the form of the best-selling Tecmo Super […]


Candid Gaming Reviews VooFoo’s Hustle Kings

Game developer VooFoo Studios aims to bring all the trick shots and class Billiards has to offer to the Playstation Network with Hustle Kings.  Game reviewers Sam Bushman and Dan Morrison discuss the good and the bad of this recent addition to the PSN store.  Is Hustle Kings worth the $9.99 price tag, or should […]


Star Trek D-A-C Doesn’t Beam Up

Recently released on the Playstation Network is the new downloadable game, Star Trek D-A-C.  For $9.99, players can buy this game with its permanent home on their PS3 hard drive.  Star Trek D-A-C is a top-down shooter set in deep space where you can choose from a variety of ships, which include a flagship (such […]