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Rubber (Blu-ray Review)

While watching various Magnolia and Magnet releases they would always show a preview of a tire that killed a bird using it’s telekinetic powers.  I always dismissed it, because it really didn’t say anything.  It was amusing, but never caught my attention.  As all of these conventions started to come to my area, and fellow […]


Get your ‘Rubber’ on Blu-ray June 7th

Rubber is a movie about a killer tire.  Yes, a killer tire.  How on earth can you make a movie about a killer tire?  I don’t know, but they did!  If there was a definition to the word “eclectic” Rubber would be cited next to it in the dictionary.  Rubber promises to be unlike anything […]


Take A Very Strange Bounce With ‘Rubber’

Would anyone suspect something serious to come out of a film in which a rubber tire comes to life and kills people, using telepathic powers?  I would not think so.  Why would this happen?  As the movie’s mantra suggests, “No reason.”  It is fitting that I saw Rubber around the same time that I watched […]