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Announcing the Grand Opening of THE (LEGO) GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL!

A very special opening awaits!  In celebration of the June 17th Blu-ray and DVD release of THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment is readying to unveil a version of the illustrious European hotel constructed entirely of Lego bricks! Take a tour, with trusty lobby boy Tony Revolori, in this video showing how it was built! […]


Voldemort Leaves Nowhere to Run in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

Well, I guess I should preface this entire review by saying first and foremost that I am not a Harry Potter fan.  I have never read the books, but many have told me that they are fantastic.  And no, I have not taken very well to the films so far (#1 and #2 are sure […]