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Dial H For ‘Hitchcock’ (Movie Review)

Among the people that I would offhand list as my favorite directors, Alfred Hitchcock would be one of them.  The movie I regard as my favorite horror movie (let alone a favorite movie of mine in general) is Psycho.  The idea of a movie revolving around the making of Psycho is certainly an intriguing one, […]


Richard Portnow Interview – Just Seen It

Liz and Salim have the pleasure of interviewing the co-star of Hitchcock, Richard Portnow who discusses his acting career and the inside story on the making of Hitchcock, which is the story of the making of Psycho. Starring Richard Portnow,Liz Manashil, Salim Lemelle and Brenna Smith. Directed by Cooper Griggs. Synopsis: Alfred Hitchcock is the world’s most […]