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‘Hopping Mad: The Mr. Vampire Sequels’ on Blu-ray May 22!

After the huge success of Mr. Vampire, Hong Kong audiences were desperate for more vampire-hopping action and the films’ producers were more than happy to oblige. A steady stream of jiangshi content was produced over the following years, and presented here are 4 of these classic titles from stunning new restorations. In Mr Vampire II (aka Vampire Family) an archaeologist and […]


‘Mr. Vampire’ [Eureka Classics] on Blu-ray July 20, 2020!

One of the most genre-defining (not to mention genre-defying!) horror-comedies imaginable, and one of the key Hong Kong blockbuster hits of the 1980s, the popularity and influence of Mr. Vampire cannot be overstated. Spawning at least four sequels and countless spin-offs and imitations, this Hong Kong horror-comedy to end them all was an understandable crowd-pleasing […]