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Jason Coleman’s Top Ten Movie Game Changers

While various frivolous top ten lists come and go (and according to my previous stomping grounds Starpulse.com are the sole key to site traffic!) there always seems to be a slight disconnect between the writer and the cinematic subjects they are highlighting.  Taking into account trends, movies with legacies and selections that stand out, most […]


‘Robocop’ Fails Its Prime Directive (Movie Review)

There is a reason why robots, cyborgs, and similar devices have gotten a lot of attention in science fiction over the years.  The idea of man creating a machine and what that could mean for life is an intriguing concept that can play on both the positives and negatives of the scenario.  Taking it further […]


Comic-Con 2013: Sony & Screen Gems Panel

Sony Pictures had a big day on Friday at San Diego Comic Con this year, mainly due to the debut of footage from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and the panel that went along with it (an article on that can be found HERE).  With that said, there were plenty of other exciting things going on […]


Reinventing the 80’s

The 1980’s were definitely a memorable time.  After all, that was my childhood.  While I may not have grasped the full meaning of films like The Breakfast Club or Fast Times at Ridgemont High when they came out in theaters, I was definitely onboard with others such as Gremlins and Ghostbusters.  These films may not […]