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Bateman’s ‘Bad Words’ Is Funny (Movie Review)

Bad Words has a good logline:  A middle-aged man competes in a national spelling bee.  It helps that the film is quite funny.  The humor is certainly of the pitch-black variety, with a good dose of raunchiness thrown in as well, but having the spirit of an indie at least lends Bad Words some distinct […]


‘Bad Words’ Spells S.U.C.C.E.S.S. for Jason Bateman Both in Front and Behind the Scenes (Movie Review)

Bad Words will not be an Oscar contender.  The casting was a bit predictable and the storyline was borderline cheesy.  This sounds like the build up to a horribly disappointing movie, but there is one aspect that is done to such perfection that it makes this movie just brilliant.  Even at Jason Bateman’s worse, he […]