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Friendsgiving Blu-ray Review

When Friendsgiving popped up in my email as a potential review title, I sort of scoffed.  I’d never heard of it but something about the huge cast made me curious.  I popped in the disc and was immediately pleased with my decision to take the film on. Read more about Friendsgiving below and click the […]


CHIPS (Blu-ray Review)

Cinema is no stranger to taking the older, dated classic television program that there may or may not be a nostalgia for and turning it into a comedy film. Heck, CHIPS here isn’t even the only one this year; there’s also Baywatch from this summer. However, Baywatch plays the self aware game akin to 21 […]


Bad Santa 2 – Unrated (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Bad Santa has been a Christmas tradition in my family since 2004.  You see we don’t have any kids of my own and nor do I want any.  We have three dogs and they are enough work, bills and responsibility.  The best kind of kids in my opinion are other peoples’ kids, but I digress.  My […]


Veronica Mars (Blu-ray Review)

I guess if I had to consider my attachment to the original Veronica Mars series and how it came into play with the viewing of this film, I would say I was in a fairly decent position to review the film, without caving into the pressures of being a fan and alienating those unfamiliar with […]


Veronica Mars: The Movie Hits Blu-ray This May

This past spring, Veronica Mars returned and fans everywhere rejoiced.  The cult TV series was adapted into a movie thanks to a massive Kickstarter campaign, which lead to basically anyone ever involved in the series to return for a fairly enjoyable film that would basically satisfy fans everywhere.  Now the film is coming to Blu-ray.  […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist – March 13, 2014

This week’s is our first pick that isn’t of the film medium, but comes from that of television.  And if you pay attention to anything at all in the goings on of film and TV, this pick is going to be super duper obvious. . . . .