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The Impossible (iTunes HD Digital Download Review)

Well geez…what can I tell you that you don’t already know already about this film?  If I told you it was the feel good movie of the year, would I be lying?  Well, I guess that depends upon what makes you feel good in life.  If you like a heart wrenching, but uplifting tale of […]


‘The Impossible’ Surpasses Its Odds (Movie Review)

The year 2012 presented a number of harrowing situations on film, such as the plane crashes that took place in The Grey and Flight, along with the wrath of both Titans and Russell Crowe’s voice in ‘Les Mis.’ The Impossible presents what is literally a story of impossible survival, as a family deals with a […]


‘The Impossible’ Accomplishes the Improbable

On December 26, 2004, a massive earthquake occurred on the floor of the Indian Ocean.  This violent undersea action set forth a chain of events that caused an enormous amount of pressure and force upward and outward.  The end product was a tsunami and resulting devastation unlike any the world had seen before.  The casualties numbered […]