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The Funhouse Massacre (Blu-ray Review)

Murder is all part of the show. On June 7, 2016, Scream Factory presents the home entertainment debut of The Funhouse Massacre on Blu-ray and DVD, complete with extras including commentary with director Andy Palmer, producer Warner Davis and actors Clint Howard and Courtney Gains. The Funhouse Massacre premiered at the Horrorhound Weekend Convention Film […]


The Lookalike (Blu-ray Review)

Looking at this film and all the actors and producers involved, it seems quite clear that The Lookalike was a script that a lot of people had faith in.  There is, indeed, a fun, pulpy story being told here, with enough characters, dark humor, twists, and turns to make for what could have been a […]


THE LOOKALIKE: A New Neo-Noir Hitting Blu-ray This February

A little movie with a fun cast and it is described as a neo-noir thriller?  That all sounds good to me.  The Lookalike presents a murder mystery and lots of characters to follow and I am intrigued by what the results may be.  Husband and wife filmmakers Richard Gray (director) and Michele Davis-Gray (writer) assemble an […]


Skyline’s Blue Light Special is Terrible

If Skyline was a person, you would complement their shoes because of how unappealing the rest of that person is.  Basically, yes, this movie does some nice work with the effects, but really fails to deliver in any other category to make you like the movie.  Directors Colin and Greg Strause (billed as The Brothers […]