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Room (Blu-ray Review)

Now you have a chance to bring home this crucially acclaimed Oscar winner. Based on Emma Donoghue‘s bestselling novel, Room is a powerful drama that tells an shocking, yet credible story of survival. There is intensity and surprises to be found, but the film is most notable for its incredible performances from Best Actress winner […]


The Woman (Blu-ray Review)

One of the most controversial horror films of the last year is has finally hit the Blu-ray format and she is known as The Woman. We have already covered the theatrical cut of the review, but now comes time to review the Blu-ray itself. Since I reviewed the film a few months, and after watching […]


The Woman (Movie Review)

Who’s in the mood for some controversy, violence, brutality, gore, and a few other things? Getting The Woman screener in the mail was a pretty hysterical experience, because it actually came with a doggie bag just in case I wanted to have a vomit. C’mon, after watching Martyrs and A Serbian Film back-to-back was The […]