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Free Guy (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

One of the summer 2021 box office season’s biggest surprises was the Ryan Reynolds led Free Guy. A film which many of us were very familiar with, seeing the trailer in theaters and online for a quite a long time. That was the case with plenty of movies, but Free Guy sort of stuck out. […]


‘Night At the Museum’: London Drift (Movie Review)

I had fun with this film.  There is more to read, but how much do I really need to say about the third film in a series about Ben Stiller interacting with museum exhibits that come to life at night, thanks to the power of a magic tablet?  Okay, so maybe that sentence alone can […]


Formulaic Family Hijinks Found In ‘This Is Where I Leave You’ (Movie Review)

This is Where I Leave You is the kind of film that walks the line between being aware it is not treading new ground, but still wants to make you happy, based on all the talented actors involved, and treating its subject matter in a more serious manner.  It is a film featuring characters that are […]


‘The Internship’ Should Or Could Lead To A Full-Time Comedy (Movie Review)

One would have thought that following the box office success of Wedding Crashers, Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson would have teamed up again sooner in an effort to ride on top of that momentum.  Especially given that instead of doing a redundant sequel to a film, they have instead come up with a new premise […]


The Watch (Blu-ray Review)

I am all for a good comedy and fun & games, but I do also appreciate when the pieces of a film, no matter how initially scatterbrained, eventually work out within the realm of logic that said film has established.  The Watch is very funny in various moments, because it features funny people getting to […]