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Troll: The Complete Collection [Eureka Classics] Limited Edition on Blu-ray October 8, 2018!

Embraced by a generation of bad movie fans, Troll 2 has become one of the most iconic cult films of its generation, and to this day regularly plays to sold-out theatres of adoring fans. Presented here alongside the first (and entirely unrelated) film, Troll, as well as Best Worst Movie, the definitive documentary on the […]


Forgotten Friday Flick – “The Stepfather” (1987)

This week a couple of my fellow WhySoBlu cohorts took part in a podcast highlighting horror and with Halloween time being almost upon us I’ve decided to join in on the act with a past slasher selection of my own – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick!  There are plenty of high profile slice and dice […]