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Circus Of Fear / Five Golden Dragons – Double Feature (Blu-ray Review)

On June 28th, cult Blu-ray masterminds Blue Underground will be releasing an Edgar Wallace double feature.  Continuing with their year of double features in 2016, this also could be considered a Christopher Lee or Klaus Kinski double feature as those screen legends both star in the films.  Lee (Dracula: Prince of Darkness), Kinski (Venom), Suzy Kendall […]


Up The Junction (Blu-ray Review)

Just before he directed The Italian Job, Peter Collinson helmed Up The Junction.  This tale of a rich woman deciding to leave that life behind and try and slide into the ranks of the working class was based upon true events.  Nell Dunn wrote a book of the same name that chronicled herself sliding in […]


Torso (Blu-ray Review)

Up next, and perfectly fitting for the Halloween season we have some giallo horror brought to you from the fine folks over at Blue Underground where the horror train keeps on chugging along. Giallo, for a lack of a better word, refers to “thrillers,” but the term often lends itself to the Italian way of […]


‘Torso’ Gets Split in Two on Blu-ray July 26th

It’s going to be one red hot summer of blood when Blue Underground releases Torso for the first time ever on Blu-ray!  Torso tells the tale of four beautiful girlfriends who escape for a weekend of fun at an isolated villa.  They are not alone.  A maniac with a blade is on the loose and […]