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The Wolf of Wall Street (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

The Wolf of Wall Street for me needs no introduction.  It’s Goodfellas with Leo in it to me.  It’s also responsible for Harley Quinn in my life.  Well let me rephrase that.  Wolf of Wall Street introduced me to the woman who would later go on to embody my beloved Harley Quinn, Margot Robbie.  It’s […]


Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Series (Blu-Ray Review)

The critically acclaimed HBO series Boardwalk Empire is finally available in a complete box set, and while the packaging itself isn’t very impressive, it’s definitely an example of substance over style. For those unfamiliar with the 40-time Emmy nominated Prohibition-era crime drama starring the incredible Steve Buscemi, this collection is the perfect tool to dive […]


The Wolf of Wall Street (Blu-ray Review)

At last, after months of waiting since last Christmas, I was able to view my favorite movie of last year, Wolf of Wall Street, in the privacy of my own home.  As expected, once again, it did not let me down.  I re-experienced 3 hours of pure enjoyment. That’s right, I said 3 hours of enjoyment […]


‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ Trades on Blu-ray March 25th

What even needs to be said about this film other than one of the biggest flicks of 2013 is finally coming home to our beloved HD format of choice, Blu-ray?!  Oh hell…let’s just get it over with.  The Wolf of Wall Street is coming home to Blu-ray on March 25th courtesy of Paramount Home Media Distribution. […]


Catch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (Movie Review)

Real life can be a funny thing, mainly because it happens differently to everyone and all you can really do is react to the different stories you here.  I haven’t read the memoir by Jordan Belfort, but the movie based upon it features a lot craziness that can seemingly only be matched by Roman orgies.  […]