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‘The Matrix’ Gets A Firmware Update in ‘Resurrections’ (Movie Review)

Time to dive back into the machine world, as The Matrix Resurrections opens this weekend in theaters and on HBO Max (for 31 days). Two decades after computer programmer Thomas Anderson followed the white rabbit, solo director Lana Wachowski (Lilly is not involved) and several key members of the original cast have returned. They’re older, […]


Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films of 2021 – A Month By Month Look

This should be interesting. I’ve assembled my annual list of Most Anticipated Films for 2021, but it comes with an interesting change. While it’s always fun to look ahead at the films set to arrive this year, this is coming after a year where many releases were delayed. As a result, films from last year […]


The Bodyguard (Blu-ray Review)

The legendary Sammo Hung directs and stars in The Bodyguard.  Ding (Hung), a retired officer from the Chinese Central Security Bureau, befriends a little girl who’s father’s criminal connections have put them both in danger.  While at the same time suffering from dementia, Ding must use his incredible combat skills to defend his neighborhood and […]