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Reign Season 1 (DVD Review)

The CW put out a great fun dramatic new series last year, The Originals, but it also put out another new series, Reign.  Now while the show is inspired, it really offers very little in terms substance or anything new.  It’s essentially just like any of the other teeny soapy shows that they are accused […]


Treasure Island (Blu-ray Review)

The Syfy Channel has released their own fresh, new spin on the classic tale, Treasure Island, featuring an all-star cast led by Eddie Izzard (“The Riches”, Ocean’s 12) as Long John Silver, Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) plays Ben Gunn, and Donald Sutherland (Pride and Prejudice, Ordinary People) portrays Flint.  Robert Louis Stevenson’s […]