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Don Jon (Blu-ray Review)

I remembered when Don Jon rolled out theatrically this past September I was very nervous going in and partaking in it not because the trailers or television spots looked bad, but because they neglected to screen it for us members of the Austin press.  Usually, nine times out of ten, when there’s no screener that’s […]


Brian White’s Indisputable Heavyweight ‘Top 10 Films of 2013’

The calendar year of 2013 was a tough one for me in the film department.  However, unlike my recent Top 10 Blu-ray list over here, where I struggled to even find ten Blu-rays that I really really liked in 2013 (only leaving off Cloud Atlas), I find myself faced with a smorgasbord of films that […]


The Adventures Of ‘Don Jon’ New Jersey (Movie Review)

As if Joseph Gordon-Levitt has not done enough to rank as one of my favorite young actors (Brick, Looper, 50/50, etc.), he has now gone and written, directed, and starred in his first feature film.  Having the story surround a real ‘Don Juan’ who also has a porn addiction is a bit of an interesting […]