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Jackass Forever (Blu-ray Review)

Its both crazy to realize Jackass has been part of our pop culture for over 20 years and that these guys are still up and at it in terms of their crazy stunts. Jackass Forever was their latest effort, delayed a few times due to pandemic movie scheduling, finally arriving back in February of this […]


Daddy’s Home (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Daddy’s Home is one of those films I could easily live without.  While I love Mark Wahlberg and most everything Will Ferrell does (there are exceptions) I’m just not warm on the PG rating.  It was cool when I was a kid, but now I’m an old geezer and I need my F-bombs, gratuitous nudity and […]


I Am Thalente will kick-flip it’s way into your soul! (Movie Review)

As a kid most of the people I hung around were BIG into skateboarding.  So naturally, I wanted to be a part of their merry urban adventures.  But alas, I could barely stay upright on a board, and the one or two times I ATTEMPTED to do a “trick” ended in disaster.  I even went […]