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B’Twixt Now and Sunrise – The Authentic Cut (Blu-ray Review)

Francis Ford Coppola’s B’Twixt Now and Sunrise is an aggressively minor but still rather pleasurable late-career foray for the great master, returning him to the horror genre, where he’s dabbled just a few times before. Coppola earned his emeritus status long ago, so it’s okay if the films he makes in the twilight of his […]


What A Twist! Francis Ford Coppola’s “Twixt” Arrives on Blu-ray July 23

This should be interesting.  I have been hearing about Francis Ford Coppola’s latest experimental film Twixt for quite some time.  It was taken on the road and made out to be an interactive film experience, complete with 3D, a mix of color and black and white imagery, and various means to keep the audience very […]